Quality Assurance & copyright

Most of the visitors are worried regarding the design / look of the product, they suspect that the product might look different in real, from what is shown in the image ! 

We want to assure every visitor who is checking our products online 💻 - that product will 100% match with the product image . 

Those visitors who are looking for LAMANSH® Floral Jewellery set , we want to tell them , kindly do not worry regarding the design , you can order from lamansh.in without any second thought 💭 , we are providing you guarantee that product design will exactly match with the product image.. 


We also provide easy Replacements in case you are not satisfied with the product. 

Email at care@lamansh.in / info@newjaipurhandicraft.com

You can call us / WhatsApp us at +91-8619550223  (wa.link/xjshc8


Important information on Copyright

Some of the product images are not owned by us as these images are sourced from social media , & its ip rights goes to the owner of these pictures.

We just make & provide Exactly same & precisely made , quality Flower jewellery set, to our customer's , as shown in the picture. 

For any removals, just mail us the product link at care@lamansh.in or whatsApp us at  +91-8619550223 . 

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