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LAMANSH 3 In 1 Steam Vaporizer, Nose and Cough Steamer, Nozzle Inhaler

LAMANSH 3 In 1 Steam Vaporizer, Nose and Cough Steamer, Nozzle Inhaler

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steamer or vaporizers are mostly used either cold relief or skin care purposes, where in case of cold & cough relief , we need decongestion capsule or some decongest oil to put along with vaporizer , so that you could get most of it . For Facial Sauna - Go clean facial sauna vaporizing machine provides you all possible solutions for your face , It keeps your skin rejuvenated , fresh & bacteria free that produce acne/pimples, white & black heads that leads skin problems . Facial Sauna is defined process with 4-5 steps : 1 - Cleanse 2 - Steam 3 - Exfoliate 4 - Mositurizing. Step 1 - Cleansing or Washing your face is very first step to makes your skin prepare to take steam properly by removing dirt & bacteria. Step 2 - After cleansing of face, Take steam for 5-10 minutes to open up your pores so that black heads or white heads would appear on top most layer of skin so that they could be remove by exfoliation process. Step 3 - Exfoliate or Scrubbing, this process is used to remove the all the black heads, dead skin cells or white heads appears on top most layer of skin after sauna steam, there is a recommendation for mild scrub can be used to do this process. Please Note- For peoples having acne/pimple on their skin do not need to exfoliate skin, as acne got burned or irritated in this process, so stop exfoliation. Step 4 - Moisturizing or Toning, Moisturization is very necessary to prepare skin hydrated all the times, so always apply a mild toner after exfoliation Let's help you to know your skin type & possible natural treatments : 1 - Dry/Sensitive Skin 2 - Acne/Pimple Skin 3 - Mature/Tanned Skin 4 - Oily Skin 5 - Normal / Natural Skin.



A steam vaporizer is a mechanical device that turns water into steam and then transmits that steam into the surrounding atmosphere. These machines are generally used to help clear congestion or moisturize dry nasal passageways. Healthgenie 3 in 1 Steam Sauna Vaporizer means you will get the benefits of 3 different products in 1 product. That is, Steam, Sauna & Vaporizer.

Save Yourself from Seasonal Depression

Dry air is hard on the respiratory system, often triggering coughs, sneezes, headaches and nosebleeds, and when you have a cold or the flu, warm humid air can loosen chest congestion and make breathing much easier. The soothing mist produced by steam vaporizers can provide relief from respiratory symptoms and make a good nights sleep possible.

Hair SPA Treatment at Home

We spend lot of money in visiting beauty salons for hair spa. With the help of this product, you will not only save your hard earned money but also your precious time because it can be operated anyti me at your home. Also, it doesnt require any proficiency. It will moisturize

Why My Vaporizer Makes a Sound

Too much salt, a low water level or a dirty vaporizer will cause the vaporizer to make a crackle, buzz or humming sound. To solve the problem, unplug the vaporizer and let it cool. Dump the water out and rinse the unit and then fill upto the water marking and use again. Keep the unit clean as sometimes the vaporizer will make unusual noise if it is not clean.

How to Handle Vaporizer When it is in Use ?

First of all, we wont recommend to move the vaporizer when it is in use because the water temperature is about.


The steam produced by a vaporizer has a therapeutic effect for those suffering from respiratory illnesses because the humid air helps to relieve congestion and ease breathing. Medications can be added to the water in the vaporizers reservoir, further increasing the medicative effects of the steam. Certain medications contain camphor, which acts as a cough suppressant, in a mixture of oils and alcohol.

Works as a Humidifier

A steam vaporizer consists of a reservoir that holds cool water and a heating element that heats the water to the boiling point, producing steam. The steam is allowed to rise and escape from the vaporizer, increasing the humidity and temperature of the surrounding air. The steam released by the vaporizer is pure, the minerals and other impurities in the water having been left behind in the reservoir.

Why My Vaporizer Performs too Quickly

Remember if you use too much salt that it could cause the unit to steam too fast. Unplug the vaporizer and let it cool. Dump the water out and rinse the unit. When refilling with fresh water, do not add salt. Add half distilled water and half tap water, if you live in an area where the tap water is hard water that has minerals in it. Unplug the unit first and let it cool. Remove the steam unit and let the hot water first drip out, then pour the remaining water out and rinse. Be sure to not add salt.

Why My Vaporizer Performs too Slow

Check to see if the vaporizer is plugged in if it steams too slow. It could be a blown fuse. Unplug the vaporizer and use another outlet. Clean the vaporizer. A slow performing vaporizer may indicate that the unit is not clean. You may need to add a pinch or two of salt because the water in your region may have a low mineral content. But before adding salt, unplug the vaporizer and let it cool. Remove the steam unit and let the hot water drip out. Add salt to water and mix it well. Put the steam unit back in place and replug the vaporizer.

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