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LAMANSH® Blood Pressure Machine / Respirometer / Respiratory Exerciser Machine/ Spirometer /Lung Exercise

LAMANSH® Blood Pressure Machine / Respirometer / Respiratory Exerciser Machine/ Spirometer /Lung Exercise

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Whether you are a patient, fitness enthusiast or an athlete simply looking after yourself and your body or pushing the limits, Nuwik Respiretory Exerciser helps you to provide your body with the oxygen it needs to work at its best, making you feel your best.

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Nuwik Deep Breathing 3-Ball Lung Exerciser is an Innovative, Drug-Free, and Evidence-based Respiratory Muscle Training device used by various Medical patients having respiratory diseases, Athletes, CrossFitters, Yoga & Fitness Enthusiast as well as Children and Adults interested in Healthy Aging.


  • It helps in achieving maximal lung expansion and strengthening muscle effort which helps in maintaining clear airways.
  • One Instrument Many Benefits


  • Improve Oxygen Saturation
  • Improve Stamina & Cardio Performance
  • Take a full deep breath. Reduce mucus buildup
  • Promotes diaphragmatic breathing
  • Improves blood flow to resting and exercising limbs
  • Improve Speech & Swallow Performance
  • Achieve Heathy Lungs

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How you breat really matters because Breathing patterns often provide clues as to the type of health condition.


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It improves the strength of your lungs, diaphragm and other respiratory muscles, while maximizing lung function.


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One of the biggest benefits of diaphragmatic breathing is full oxygen exchange — that is, the beneficial trade of incoming oxygen for outgoing carbon dioxide.


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The innovative design of this Nuwik Respiromter make is easy to use yet highly effective.


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It disassembles in seconds. So, it is very convenient for anyone to wash its each part thoroughly in order to maintain hygiene.


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The material used in this instrument is medically tested and approved. It is safe to use.


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Nuwik Spirometer for Breathing Exercise comes with Flexible Tube along with High grade plastic Mouth Piece.


Spirometer for Breathing Exerciser, Lung Exerciser, Nuwik, Respirometer, 3 Ball incentive Spirometer

The body of this Respiratory Exerciser is made of sturdy acrylic material which make it durable as well.


Nuwik Respirometer, Incentive Spiometer, Lung Exerciser, Respirometer, 3 Ball Incentive Spirometer

Prescise vent at the top of the chambers and slit at the bottom ensures perfect exercise along with optimum weight of balls.


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Q: Who can use this Instrument?

A: Any Adults or Children willing to exercise their Respiratory System can use this instrument.


  • Medical patients
  • Athletes & CrossFitters
  • Yoga Practitioner & Fitness Enthusiast
  • Singers
  • Smokers
  • People living in a polluted area
  • People with Respiratory issues like cold, allergy, bronchitis, Sinus, pulmonary issues, dyspnea, and other Respiratory Diseases.


Q: What is the volume capacity of this instrument?

A: There are total 3 Different Balls. Each ball in a particular chamber has a different volume. Red Ball: 600 CC, Yellow Ball: 900 CC & Blue Ball: 1200 CC. The total inhaled volume will be 2700cc or 2.7 liters.


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